Build a Successful Makeup Business,
Reach Your Ideal Audience,
Rapidly Grow Your Social Media Presence & Set Up Automated Professional Systems.


This is your little handbook to Success.

If your dream is to establish a successful makeup business or boost an existing one

than this book is for you!

In this book I reveal some of my secrets and lessons I learnt throughout my own personal journey and how I grew my business from scratch into a
successful six figure business! 


But first, I want to be real with you all. 

Admittedly, throughout my journey I had several moments of uncertainty. In fact I remember my last day of makeup school feeling unprepared and ill informed on how to actually start or run a business.

I felt that even though I had the makeup skills and techniques… I had no idea how or where to begin to get my name out there.

With guidance from my now entrepreneurial husband and family, business mentors and other successful female entrepreneurs, I managed to incorporate different business strategies to build my business to where it is today, earning a six-figure income doing what I love.

I believe you can achieve this too.

There’s true joy in hard work, in watching your business baby grow. On delivering amazing services, setting goals and smashing them and (of course) watching your bank account increase in zeros.

The simplest way to make this happen, is to read my book and follow the basic steps.

If you are looking for a book that is purely cover-to-cover detailed makeup tutorials full of ‘step-by-step’ photographs on how to get the perfect Smokey Eye, then this book isn't for you.

This book - and the guide it gives you, is created purely from my personal experience as a makeup artist who had
- zero confidence in succeeding in an over saturated market,
- where it felt like every second girl on the planet was a ‘makeup artist’,
To a beauty entrepreneur who built a six-figure business, with over 30,000 followers, in the space of 24 months.

I am the first to admit I definitely made a lot of mistakes, hurdled many obstacles and fell flat on my face many of times.

This is why I've decided to commit to supporting other aspiring artists who may be facing the same hurdles as I did – save you from the tiresome, time-wasting strategies and instead incorporate the ones that I believe
work and get results fast.

This guide may not work for everyone so take whatever works for you and leave what doesn’t at the door.

After all this is your journey from ‘scratch to success’ - I am simply offering a helping hand to encourage and support you along the way.

"Your job might be to make your clients confident, but that all starts with having confidence in yourself. Unfortunately, a lot of things can happen in the freelance makeup world to push you down— Rejection or disapproval from a client, troll-like comments on your Instagram photo, slow periods of work flow and of course the natural financial insecurity of running your own business... It’s really important to remind yourself to be confident in your skills and ability, and believe that you’ll be successful."

Confidence is your ticket forward.




© Katie Winkler Makeup Artist Pty Ltd 2016

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